Tips To Improve Your Facebook Advertising Campaigns

Advertising on Facebook can be tough. It can be difficult to decide what will work and what wont. Here are some tips that will help you to improve your results in Facebook advertising.

1. Give and take

People are not browsing Facebook with a credit card card ready to purchase something. It is a social platform first and foremost. That means that you have to give to your community in order to ask later. First impressions count.

2. Different Mobile and Desktop Tests

When creating your ads test mobile and desktop separately otherwise you will get the majority of traffic from mobile which means that you wont fully test the opportunity from desktop.

3. Test Instagram promotions. They are very effective and can be cheaper than Facebook ads

4. Use Video. Facebook has tools that allow you to create videos or create and upload your own.

5. Make Images Pop If using images, make them stand out (think about the ads that you notice in facebook).

6. Its about them

When selling your product talk about your customers not your product or services. Individuals couldn't care less about you... They care first about how your product is going to help them. They care about what your item or administration will improve the situation them. Utilize this in your publicizing and you will be in front of most advertisers out there.

7. Retargeting your audience is the key to making money. Create offers and value. Using the facebook pixel is key.

8. Be in front of your audience on a regular basis, you shouldn't need to spend very much and can use reach criteria when creating your ads to get the most out of your campaign.

9. Your ad is your first step in getting your audience to buy. You need a great website/offer/landing page to capture your leads. Facebook is simply a traffic source.

10. Ideal Client

You have to know who your ideal client is. Create an avatar. This is one of the most crucial steps in order to create a successful ad campaign. You have to know the following - what are your customers frustrations, fears, wants and aspirations.

How to Build Your Business in Facebook Groups

If you look at many facebook groups, they either ban adverts or restrict them to specified threads started by the admin. I can understand how frustrating this can be as a business who is trying to get themselves front and center with their audience.

However much of the time, this kind of way of advertising does not give the success that many suppliers are looking for, so are there any other ways?

What are people looking for?

Advertising without Advertising

I think there are complimentary ways to get business than just advertising:.

1. Ensure your facebook profile, business page and website are setup correctly

With Facebooks recent update you can now join groups as your business page. Whether you join the groups as with your personal page or business page, make sure your personal page/business page has a link to your website, reviews, recommendations and a clear summary statement of what you do. You want someone who hovers over your name to know who you are. Similarly your website link should take you to a page that at the very least describes your services, includes testimonials and has a call to action.

Once you have your page/profile sorted out, then its time to hit the Facebook groups!

2. Respond to Recommendations & Questions

The most intensive way is to scour the groups on a regular basis waiting to reply to anyone who asks a question or is looking for recommendations. Whilst this is great and I recommend you do this some of the time, it can be time consuming.. Are there any patterns to when questions are most likely to be asked, in the evenings or weekends, maybe?

There are other, less resource intensive ways to raise your profile and establish yourself as an authority without directly advertising your services (and there is a reason you DON'T want to advertise whilst doing this, which we will come to shortly).

3. Ask Questions

Examples include. What are you looking for in a plumber? Ask me anything? etc

4. Tips and tricks

Offer tips about your industry or do something that most other suppliers wont do, suggest reasons not to hire you!! (What!!!! Are you mad!!)

Let me explain with an example - "how to take the perfect wedding picture". You offer tips to the amateur photographer on how to take good photos but caveat at the end that its unlikely to meet the quality of a professional. If a bride/groom is set on a DIY wedding then they were never going to buy your services anyway, HOWEVER it offers massive proof that you know your business and it shows that you are offering advice that is not all about getting a sale at the end.

5. What to look for in the service you provide- Write an article on what people need to look for in the service you provide.

6. Start a poll

Keep it simple, pictures are best to represent the answer. This is about getting engagement and then following it up with a question. So for example the question could be: "Black and white or color photographs for your party?", like for black and white, love for color. Comment below on what challenges you are facing finding a photographer

7. A competition/give away - always popular, give something away for engagement with your website, page etc

Final comment: if you have your business page, profile & website setup correctly then the above tips can add significant value to your business. Be careful trying to advertise too directly if you are using these techniques, sticking a tag line such as "and for a professional service please contact xyz" can do you more harm than good because people will then view your help as an ulterior motive to get business (and also make it more likely your post will get deleted in the groups). However if just by hovering over your name they know who you are and what you do, it offers a no pressure technique to get more customers!